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Whether you choose a keynote, breakout session, or presentation, we collaborate with you to determine your desired results and design the program with your goals in mind. 

Achieve any goal. Overcome any obstacle.

You can achieve your dreams by changing your life. Many people believe they do not have the capability to change their lives and achieve their dreams. You can become what you decide you can become. Once you decide, your life will never be the same again.


What are the reasons to want to change your life? People have different reasons to want to change their lives; however, mostly those reasons are to create a better life. What are your reasons? It is important to write down your reasons and read them each day several times. In order to be highly motivated to change your life and achieve your dreams, you need really good reasons to change. If you are not motivated to jump out of bed in the morning and go after your dreams, then you need better reasons.  


Many people have developed themselves personally and professionally and achieved their dreams. In the process they have not only achieved their dreams but have contributed significantly to people, society, and the world. Most of these people had to overcome personal difficulties and challenges which stood in the way of becoming the person that accomplished great things. The primary factor enabling them to change their lives was their decision to change their attitudes. By changing their attitudes they did indeed change their lives.


Some of the exceptional people that changed their lives by changing their attitudes and contributed greatly to the personal development of others are:


            1. Napoleon Hill

            2. Henry Ford

            3. Earl Nightingale

            4. Jim Rohn

            5. Wayne Dyer

            6. Tony Robbins


You will find it worthwhile to do some research on each of these individuals and find out how they accomplished changing their lives and the results that came from the change. To understand the activities involved in personal development go to the following link.


I have studied all of these people and what they accomplished and here are some of the keys to their approach to personal development.


Napoleon Hill was an American author who was one of the earliest producers of the modern genre of personal-success literature. He is widely considered to be one of the great writers on success. His most famous work, Think and Grow Rich, is one of the best selling books of all time. His works examined the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success. He detailed the keys to success as the 17 principles of personal achievement which can be found in his book Think and Grow Rich. A summary of the principles is in the following link.


One of Napoleon Hill’s many famous quotes is:

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve”. For centuries successful people have understood this principle and applied it.


Jim Rohn was raised on a farm in the 30’s and 40’s. These were difficult times for the nation and especially for farmers. After dropping out of college, he was struggling financially when he was mentored in personal development by a successful entrepreneur. By age 31 he was a millionaire. When the company he worked for went out of business, he lost his wealth. However, he started over and rebuilt his fortune and became one of the best known personal development teachers, presenting seminars and workshops worldwide for over 40 years. He authored 17 books, audio and video programs on personal development.


Rohn's book Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle was built around what he considered the five components of success:

      Philosophy - how you think

      Attitude - how you feel

      Action - what you do

      Results - measure often to see if you are making progress

      Lifestyle - the kind of life you can make for yourself out of the first four pieces


From his popular program The Challenge to Succeed come four lessons to learn.

            1. Learn to expect and deal with the tough times.

            2. Learn to take advantage of the opportunities.

            3. Learn how to protect the good that you create.

            4. Learn how to take full responsibility for what happens to you.


You can learn more about Jim and his philosophy here: and


Anthony "Tony" Robbins is an American self-help author and motivational speaker. He became well known through his infomercials and self-help books, Unlimited Power: The New Science Of Personal Achievement and Awaken The Giant Within. Robbins writes about subjects such as health and energy, overcoming fears, persuasive communication, and enhancing relationships. Robbins began his career learning from many different motivational speakers, and promoted seminars for his personal mentor, Jim Rohn. He is deeply influenced by neuro-linguistic programming technique and a variety of philosophies.


The key elements to personal achievement from Tony Robbins are the following.

Learn how to:

            Handle frustration

            Handle rejection

            Handle financial pressure

            Handle complacency

            Always give more than you receive.


Tony’s book Unlimited Power is an excellent primer on how to achieve personal and professional goals and how to overcome any obstacle. A brief summary of Tony’s accomplishments can be found at


Remember what is important is not what happens to you; rather it is what you do about it that is important. So focus on the future, your future.


At Premier Business Advice we can help you move rapidly through the process of personal achievement to overcome any obstacle and achieve any goal personally and professionally. It is a challenging world we live in today and with the right plan we are all capable of meeting those challenges.

Achieve your dreams by developing yourself personally and professionally.

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