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Why People Don’t Take the Necessary Steps to Achieve a Major Goal

Napoleon Hill’s most famous saying is “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve”.  He is widely known as one of the great writers on success. His most well known book is “Think and Grow Rich”.


Sometime ago, I spoke to you about how to achieve a major goal in your life.  Do you have or have you had an exciting goal in your life?  Now have you achieved an exciting goal?  If not, here is a way to go about it.


I want to tell you the main reason most people don’t take the necessary actions to achieve a major goal in their lives, and how you can overcome this problem in your own life.

The problem is, when you have this huge goal in your head – if deep down you don’t believe it’s going to happen, your brain rejects it.  It’s like living a lie.  Have you ever done this?  Come up with an enormous goal, and then a voice in your head pops up to say, “Who are you kidding?  That’s never going to happen”! The truth is you’ll never make it happen until it sinks deep into your subconscious which is the part of your mind so powerful that it makes your heart beat 100,000 times a day without you ever having to think about it.


To get an idea of why this happens – imagine your brain is divided into an upper half and a lower half; say the upper half is the conscious mind, and the lower half is your subconscious mind.  Big ideas come into your head like owning your own business, or being financially free by the time you are 40, or having the time freedom to do whatever you want!  But your upper, conscious brain quickly rejects the big ideas and bounces it out of your mind like a tennis ball. 


So how do you overcome this built in response?  If you resolve you are going to do this and then you start to build a plan – something extraordinary happens.   As you feel the resolve inside – you begin to develop the certainty you can actually achieve it.  And with this new found confidence, you suddenly see there is a way to get it done.  Now your vision of what life will be like for you when you achieve the goal will be the inspiration for you to take the first step and to keep you excited until you reach your goal.  


The important thing to remember is; certainty is what counts.  Most people don’t believe deep down they can make it happen.  They talk a good game, get excited about it, they tell people their big dream, but they never act on it.   Why Not?  Because they don’t have certainty they can do it.  With uncertainty – we default to doing nothing or at least procrastinating.  We put off until tomorrow what we need to do today.  Beginning is the critical step.  Amelia Earhart said “The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is tenacity”. 

Now how does your mind work to make your dream happen?  Once you begin to develop the certainty you can actually achieve it, you will find a role model, who’s already achieving what you are after, and you will be able to write down the plan and you will start to take the action to move toward your goal.  Then the goal seeps down into your subconscious mind, and it goes to work to make your dream a reality.  That is when the magic happens.  Something happens inside you and you become inspired and you focus intensely on your goal.  You’ll think about it every day – all day. Then you will feel called to do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality.


I remember when I was young I was fascinated by electronic products.  I wanted to know how a radio worked.  I couldn’t imagine how a TV could show a picture and have sound with only an antenna attached.  How did all that move through the air?  That led to my dream that I would work in the electronics industry and be involved with the latest technologies.  It was the first time I ever remember having the feeling that I could achieve an enormous goal.  I was moved to the point of putting together a plan in high school to attend a good engineering college.  Before I graduated from high school, I met my role model and he inspired me to work hard on my plan and I was able to achieve that dream with my first job after college.


In summary, the main reason people don’t take the necessary actions to achieve a major goal in their lives is because they don’t believe they can make it happen.  They don’t have the certainty they can do it.  However, if you resolve you are going to do it and you start to build a plan you will begin to develop the certainty you can do it.  Don’t limit yourself to less than enormous goals – which at first glance you know you can achieve.  Go for the goals that will change your life into the dreams you have for yourself.  Don’t procrastinate!  Find a role model who is where you want to be and based on that person, write down the plan to move yourself toward your goal and you will know you will achieve your dream!



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