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Going It Alone


Many business owners suffer from the "going it alone syndrome".  They have a business with all the demands of larger firms, but without the skills or staff to perform the day-to-day management, financial and planning functions.


Going it alone syndrome most frequently occurs when a business owner does not have the revenue to hire high-level staff (CEO, CFO, Marketing and Sales Executives, etc.) to assist in running the business.


Unfortunately, going it alone can be fatal to a business, if not corrected.  And even if not fatal, then surely it will limit the business success, such that the business is just surviving not thriving.


The best way for most business owners to avoid going it alone entirely is to use outside advisors, professionals who have the time and expertise to fill the skill gaps that exist.  This brings top people and their top skills into a business at a fraction of the cost of an employee, giving the business an exceptional ROI on any fees paid to the professional advisor.


What should you look for when hiring a business advisor?  Frankly, the same things that you would look for in a general practioner doctor to manage your personal health.  They should have a good education and extensive experience, and able to be at your location quickly.  No one wants a GP right out of medical school; and likewise, a good advisor has education and experience.  You want someone who (in a business sense) has been there, and done that, and is a world traveler.  It is the accumulated business experience of the advisor, from different types of businesses and industries that will allow him/her to help cost effectively.


Where do you find experts like this?  Not the yellow pages for sure.  The best way is via a referral from another trusted and successful business owner.  If that isn't possible, then Premier Business Advice may be able to help.


If you or a business owner you know is struggling with a business that is under-performing or possibly the business is teetering on the brink of failure, please contact a Premier Business Advice advisor.  As a business owner, you can take advantage, at no cost, of our free initial consultation, just by emailing or calling us.

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